Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Measuring for Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture can be a very costly investment. The best way to protect your patio furniture and keep it looking new for years to come is to invest in quality patio furniture covers. Your furniture is exposed to all kinds of weather and can fade due to sunlight or mold and mildew from moisture. When shopping for patio furniture covers, make sure they are waterproof, have adequate venting for evaporation of any water that may get under the cover, and that they have straps or a draw string to secure to cover to the furniture in windy conditions.

When purchasing patio furniture covers, you want to select the smallest cover that will easily fit over the furniture. It should not be so snug that your tear the material when stretching it over the furniture. You do not want the cover so large that it creates pockets for standing water or it creates a ballooning effect in the wind. Follow the tips below to measure your sofas or chairs.

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Measure from the ground to the top of the highest point in the back of the chair or sofa to determine the height.
Measure the widest point of the chair or sofa to determine the width.
Measure from the rear side of the back rest cushion to the front of the seat cushion to determine the depth.
Also measure from the ground to the arm rest on the front of the chair or sofa. Combine this with the measurement of the height of the back of the chair and this will determine the slope.

When measuring a table and chair set for patio furniture covers, push the chairs against the table. Measure from the ground up to the highest point on a chair to determine the height. To determine the diameter, measure from the back of one chair to the back of another chair directly across from each other.

Take these measurements to the store and attempt to match the size of the covers you desire. Spending the time to get accurate measurements along with selecting heavy duty, quality patio furniture covers will protect your furniture and provide enjoyment for many years to come.