Friday, May 28, 2010

Indoor Floor Fountains - Elegant and Serene

Adding a water feature to the inside your home is a unique and fun way to bring in a little of the great outdoors.  There are a number of different ways you can add water to decorate your home and one of the simplest ways to achieve it is the addition of one of the many indoor floor fountains available on the market today.  Over recent years, water features have become quite common in outdoor landscaping and are utilized often on the patio, in the garden, and the swimming pool.  However, by placing one of these items inside your home, you may very well be the first on the block to discover that these fountains provide the same soothing qualities indoors as they do out.

One of the great things about adding a water feature inside your home is that there are practically no limitations as to where they can be placed.  Since most indoor water fountains operate on normal electrical house current, you can place your fountain anywhere as long as you are within the reach of an electrical outlet.  These fountains are available in numerous different designs and are made of a variety of materials, which allows you to match most any style you may choose for your home decor.  There are many smaller models manufactured that take up very little floor space thus allowing you to place them in even the smallest of entry halls.

Not only do indoor water fountains add the beautifying effects of water, but many fountains also have some type of lighting as an additional benefit.  Again, no special wiring is required for this added feature as the lights normally operate from the same power source as the fountain itself.  With the development of modern LED lighting fixtures, you can have lights that change color, thus adding another special and unique effect to any area of your home and do so using very little energy.

While many people choose their indoor water features as the waterfall type, you can have most any type that you desire.  If you prefer water being pumped vertically and flowing over stones or a marble ball and falling gently into a copper bucket, I am sure you can find a fountain on the market that will closely resemble what you are seeking.  Even if the exact indoor water feature you have in mind is not out there, the parts to custom design and build your own are readily available either on the internet or at your local home improvement store.

The components of indoor floor fountains are actually quite few and simple in their operation.  To construct your own water fountain, an electric pump, the tubing to direct the water where you want it to go, and a container to hold the circulating water make up all the components necessary for its function.  Add a spout of some sort such as bamboo or an old time water pump, a few stones for the water to flow over and you can pronounce yourself as the architect of your very own indoor water fountain.

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